That’s me! Well, I’m gratified by your interest, good sirs! My quest is to catalog the histories of the world, and record the deeds of might heroes of note.

My words here may serve as a guide to my good readers, so as to help them navigate the world and its mysteries. Why, without this book, would you know how to bow to the elven aristocracy? Or how to beat the dwarven thanes at drinking games? Or how to address a majestic dragon.

Could any lesser work, inform on the psyche of halflings so insightfully? Perhaps you already have the expertise to track a half orc scoundrel, or have translated the great necronomicon from its original dark script to decode the musical and mystical tastes of the lich and their bretheren?

Lesser works may lead you astray, but mine shall not!


Wispix II TinBane