The warforged are an oppressed people, many considering them property rather than entities in their own right. The origins of the warforged is unknown, what is known, is that they were instrumental in battling the Wisps. According to legend, the secret of their creation was devised and distributed by the council of fie, as a thorn in the side of the Wisps. The warforged soon created their own identity. Tempered in the heat of a raging planar war, while the warforged have no nation as such, there is a bond between every warforged in existence. An understanding of the oppression and misunderstanding their race engenders. Most other races don’t even consider themselves to have race relations with the warforged.

Warforged in their relatively short life as a race, have contributed immensely to the technology of the world. Their understanding of the fusion of arcana and mechanical constructs is far more intimate than any other. As they are not adverse to taking risks, or altering their bodies, some warforged adventurers carry one-off prototype weapons or enhancements.

Warforged have few customs or hang-ups. As a race, they are straight forward, forthright, and generally (but not always) honest to a fault. The one custom that warforged do seem to carry, is a chant that they repeat in their mind during their down time. Each warforged has their own chant, some long and some short, often it incorporates long term goals, wishes, and in some cases the tasks the warforged was designed for. It’s believed to have stemmed from a kind of conditioning used to control the personalities of early warforged, in an attempt to make them more of a golem-like construct and less like an unliving but intelligent being.

Most warforged identify themselves as male, preferring to be referred to as ‘he’, rather than ‘it’. There are smaller numbers of female identifying warforged, but their gender identity has little to do with any reproductive or behavioral functions, and more to do with how other races and beings relate to them.*


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