Lich are a super-powerful collection of undead beings. Kind of like the G20 summit of the necro-world. They meet up at their Lich-meetings, eat canapes, and discuss deep topics that go over the heads of their minions. Which is pretty much anything, as their minions are zombies.

Within the world of lichdom there isn’t much hierarchy. If you make it into lichdom, and survive a few decades of lichley intrigue, you are pretty much set as an immortal super-power. Lich are always trying to overthrow each other, unless something else takes their notice.

Like the wisps. God, Lich hate those bloody wisps, sticking their pan-dimensional probiscii into other people’s business. It’s so unfair. It’s not like the Lich are all teleporting into the nether-realm, trying to steal all the wisps’ minions, is it? Well, maybe they are trying to.

Anyway, what little hierarchy there is within the Lich, is entirely based on whether they wear a dress or not. Well, not a dress as such, more like regal battle regalia of a past era. But for some reason it always looks like a dress. Anyway, the point was, don’t mess with a lich in women’s clothing. These are the POWER LICH, and if the lich are the G20, the POWER LICH are the illuminati, making the delegates dance like puppets. Oh, and every lich ever, love the song “Danse Macabre”.


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