humans are a pesky, frenetic, passionate race. They race around being rash, and pissing the elder races. Kind of like being the toddler at a predominantly adult party.

On the plus side, they are versatile, skillful and nealy always underrated by other races.

That reminds me of a dragon born human joke: “How many humans does it take to change an oil lamp?” “One! They have a caste-free social structure and all learn menial chores at an early age!”

oh, well, I guess it doesnt translate well out of draconic.

How do other races see humans? Mainly as pretentious upstarts. The notable exceptions are warforged, dragonborn and dwarves. The warforged are a direct result of human’s ability to think outside the box. As a result, they feel some fealty, no matter how misplaced towards their creators. The dragonborn are usually wary of humans, but once they get over this they consider their human friends valiant and stoic. The dwarves divide humans into three groups: those who break oaths, those who keep oaths, and those who have yet to show their colours. Strangely the words they use to represent these groups are “leaves”, “roots”, and “trunks”. Its unknown exactly whether dwarves consider humans a kind of tree, or what the origin of the idiom is.


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