Halfling Psyche

Halflings were once a bright and cheerful race, full of optimism, joy, and plum jam. Their settlements spread the world over, tiny agrictural communes, focussed on joy and hard work. Unfortunately for halfling kind, their toil and optimism was regarded with scorn and in some cases resentment by other races.

When the wisps unleashed their malign influence on the world, the fat non militarised halflings appeared an easy target. The problem was, they had an uncanny ability to escape the wisp’s eldritch grasp.

The wisps quickly formulated a vicious and deadly solution, the anihilation of the halfling people. A sentient race capable of resisting the wisps power even partially, was a big risk to the wisps plans. As the pogrom began, the halfling communes fought bravely to the last man. Hideously outnumbered by mind controlled and coerced gnolls, gnomes, dwarves and ettins, they stood fast and faced their apocalypse.

It is said that as the noose tightened around the halfling race, their elders and mystics begged for aid, or intercession. Some say, at this point the council of fie proposed a solution. A dark pact was made, and the halflings survived. But at what cost. When the forces of darkness came to claim the halfling’s capital, they found it looted and burned to the ground. The statues toppled, and offices burned.

From the moment they set foot in the city, the armies of the wisps knew their fate was sealed. To a man, the invaders dissappeared one by one. Since then, few have travelled to the halflings lands in the east. In order to fight the monster, the halflings had passed up their humanity. Legend says that the council of fie are the only beings capable of restoring halfling kind.

Halfling Psyche

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